To Code or Not to Code

With all these Unity extensions that promise you never have to write a line of code, coding seems to be a bad thing, something you want to avoid, something that hinders. You will still need to understand the logic behind it, but I suppose not having to worry about syntax and debugging (oh, those hours lost many years ago due to a forgotten semicolon) is a bonus.

I’ve tried to shy away from these extensions because they seem to prevent me from learning (or re-learning) proper coding, but if this is the future, maybe I can save precious time and go the non-coding route, still get the results I need w/r/t prototyping. Precious time saved = more time with daughter.

What I really need is a game that teaches me object oriented programming while having my toddler think she’s just playing. Maybe I can craft one with blocks and stickers with classes printed on them? Or on the simplest level, something that plays videos like tutorials while overlaying shapes for my daughter to interact with, similar to the Mario World (I think) co-op play where the 2nd player just collected stars. All a moot point right now as the grandparents have taken baby out on the town.

Time to hunker down; use it wisely; focus (with coffee++). I’ll spend 30 minutes on this extension, then go back to the tutorials.

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