Paper Prototyping and the Hard Part

We spent a day paper prototyping. My eyes were opened to the visual stimuli of watercolor. While an innovative mechanic based on this form would be cool (and maybe miraculous), this effect could also simply exist for feedback’s sake. Unsure. I do enjoy the visuals Mook has, but not sure how everything gels together. Dr. F says that we’re now at the hard part. But I wonder if all game concepting has a hard part, or is it just the ones that don’t have an immediate tie-in to the real world, to an artist (e.g. Escher for Monument Valley), to another game (Cloney McClonersons of which the industry is frightfully fully aware), or a question, a la Stanley Parable’s “What if the narrator said to take the door on the right, and you took the door on the left?” type deal.

Lots to think about. Little time. In NYC, Games for Change conference was eye-opening and inspiring and makes me want to be good forever. Soon to hit Philly, DC, then landing in Atlanta. Lots to do, lots to work on, lots to learn.

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