Sweet Sixteen

Welcome to 2016! I’ve been amiss in keeping up with the blogjimans. But now I’m back, for a short time. GDC, or rather, VRDC, was interesting, but not like the previous years. I left inspired as always but this year was more about the networking and the roundtables than the sessions I can watch on the Vault. So I’ll be inspired in 3 weeks.

Engines, saw Defold, seems ok. (and the Defold swag!) I’ll give it a whirl, but curious: if I’m already in Unity, and 3D seems a potential — a far far far far potential — then do I (and our main programmer) bother learning a new tool, however close to Unity it may seem?

VR: Hitchhiker’s Guide come true. I see it causing eye problems. Also you can’t cry while wearing the VR device.

Indies: Indies are the new mainstream. And corps will continue to steal from them.

Triple As: They will always have an audience. But maybe they’ll be made by indies 🙂

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