Progression and de-progression

Progression and de-progression. Perhaps a better word for the opposite but I like the antithesis simplicity.

Real-life Example:

  • Progression: Had meeting with Mooktak over further design elements of the games, particularly the mechanics of the hostiles (this word is not really fair. If you’re the attacker, and the attackee is merely defending itself, calling it a hostile is presumptuous… or at least, rude). Took copious notes on iPad.
  • De-Progression: Lost iPad.

Game Example:

  • Progression: Improve self.
  • De-Progression: Destroy world.

Hello world!

I’ve recently been doing Hello World programs while doing training for iOS, Unity, C#, etc. So the default title seemed apropos.

Hello world! This is my first WordPress. I also recently purchased a hi-speed state-of-the-art dot-matrix printer, a pager, and a plethora of hyphens for the aforementioned printer. The pager is super cool; I can send secret messages in the form of upside down numbers. Pagers are the future, just you wait. I imagine people everywhere with pagers, wearing multiple of them in a bandolier, fashion statement, the new frontier.

In other news, my toddler keeps adding the word “today” to every sentence. “That’s my bowl today.” “Let’s go beach today.” “I love you today.” This makes me worry about tomorrow.

Ok, that’s enough WordPress for today.