SkinVaders AR

Contributions: Game design, production

SkinVaders is the first game to use Augmented Reality to physically bring you—specifically your face– into a game.  As the first alien enters your brain, he seems to be hiding from something. Is he a friend or a foe? No time to think! The SkinVaders are dropping eggs on your face.  Quick!  Destroy them before they hatch.  Who knows what the baby SkinVaders are capable of doing?  Perhaps the SkinVader hiding in your brain has answers.  He just might help you win!

The demo of the game–check it out in the video below–and its face-tracking capabilities is actually pretty impressive, although I will be keeping it away from my 4-year-old daughter to avoid middle-of-the-night tears over the “face aliens” populating both her pores and nightmares.” – c|net

Released October 2011 on iOS

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